Thursday, 21 February 2013

Power of Surrender

The word ‘Surrender’ or ‘Surrendering’ brings in our minds the thought of being weak or weakness. We believe only the weak surrender!

Serenity Surrender (SS) has changed the whole understanding of the word ‘Surrender’ for me. I have experienced how we can experience a complete change in the situation by merely surrendering it to the Creator whole heartedly. The most powerful way of living is acceptance and complete surrender to the creator.

Living and leading life with full awareness of every little detail of each moment is the power of SS.

As conditioned we all are in our lives, brooding over our past and fearing, lingering over the future. SS empowers us to that extent that we actually start living above all these. The change in the way I used to think and work has been remarkable. Negativities present in situations and people don’t cause me worry anymore as I have understood how it was all my creation. Now I have the power to handle it with very simple tools that SS provides me. It’s amazing to experience how the energies work irrespective of who, where, what, we are.
-Shalini Gupta

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