Sunday, 17 February 2013

Our Weakest Moments

Have you ever realised that we spend most of our lives either brooding over the past or fearing the future? We never even seem to be present to what the present moment is offering us. Regrets from the past and insecurities about the future occupy our thoughts too much to leave any room for recognising, acknowledging and accepting our present.

However, whenever we have looked back at our lives, even the toughest of times we have had, we are able to see how those times transformed us for the better. Everything that happened in our lives had a purpose. One thing led to the other, and has made us what we are today.

It does naturally imply then, that whatever is happening in this moment is in divine order, too. It certainly has a good purpose in our lives and will lead us to our growth. The purpose may or may not be evident now. However, more often than not, we feel miserable due to whatever we are experiencing. Is it a habit? It is probably due to the expectations we always carry about what should be happening with us. Comparison between our expectations and our reality always tends to demean the reality. That doesn’t change the reality though. Only when we have accepted the reality are we able to do anything to change it!

The weakest of our moments carry a seed of our transformation. They have the potential to uncover our strengths and bring out the best from within us!
- Shivi Dua

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