Monday, 18 February 2013

Experiencing the Pure Divine Love that We Are

Life is beautiful and so is each one of us. If all of us could absorb and imbibe this fact, this world and our lives would be full of love. Even if we believe that we are beautiful, the moment we face a problem we forget it. It seems natural for us to get so involved in our misery that we immediately disconnect with our inner divine beauty and the pure love that we are. But the power of spiritual healing comes in when even in critical situations we are able to keep our cool and go through them just as naturally as we would go through any normal situation.                 

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual Healing is when we are able to connect to ourselves at soul level so that we understand and know our deepest emotions, needs and desires. Once we understand ourselves at the deepest level, we can reach the root of the negative emotions in us that are attracting negative situations in our lives. Just reaching and knowing such roots is not enough. We have to accept them in order to be able to heal them and move on to happier and better lives, that we all so deserve.

All of us are made of pure divine love. But somewhere during our journeys we have forgotten this because of the various painful situations that we have been through. Do we want to continue living that pain through more and more such experiences or are we ready to move on to happiness? Those who are ready to move on and make their worlds happier will certainly attract understanding the immense power that they are carrying within to attract the happiness that they so deserve.

Life is really a beautiful journey. The love that we are carrying within us is immensely powerful. We just need to realize it, know it and accept it. It has the power to make our lives absolutely happy and serene. Once we know it and understand its healing power, we will simply dissolve all our worries, pains and sorrows in it. All this healing power is our own and lies within us.
- Vatsala

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