Saturday, 16 February 2013

Why Heal?

Healing is a natural process the soul goes through inevitably, in its eternal journey. It is going through its experiences and learning its lessons from there. So what really is the objective of healing?

A healer intensifies and expedites the natural process of soul healing. With awareness of learning the lessons hidden behind human experiences, we can actually make our journey more meaningful, effortless and enjoyable. That is not to say that healing is about stopping doing what we are meant to do as human beings, but about realising that all is being taken care of, only if we learn to observe and accept what we are experiencing in the current moment. Thus learning healing is about learning to live in awareness of our experiences.

Serenity Surrender is a beautiful way of imbibing deeper understanding of our being and of our experiences. Since we tend to live our lives too focussed on the outside world, and how we are perceived in the outside world, we start living in ignorance of the needs of our soul. The soul then creates situations in our relationships, in our financial matters or even in the physical body that need our immediate attention. We come to a point where it is difficult to move on by ignoring that situation. At such times, we come to realise the limitations of what the outside world has to offer in terms of alleviating our intense misery. Usually, that is the time when one would opt for healing, to turn inwards, and begin the journey of self-realization.

By attending one of Serenity Surrender Basic trainings, one can learn healing and become capable of addressing their own issues which have been appearing to be out of their control. By getting an insight on the higher perspective of the life situation, one can actually bring about changes to one’s energies, which have been creating those situations for that person. It is very empowering to know that the root of all your problems is within you. When you have learnt to identify these roots within yourself, you realise how easy it becomes to understand your life situations and patterns and even change them. It is to be experienced to be believed!

Self-confidence and more love and acceptance for self are some of the natural outcomes!
- Shivi Dua

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