Friday, 1 March 2013

Miracles......a way of life!

      Three years ago, when I was in a lot of mess, my friend introduced me to Shivi and Serenity Surrender (SS). I was expecting to meet a counsellor, so when she started her healing session, being unprepared for it, I started doubting its efficacy. I just couldn't comprehend what was happening. But what I experienced in the following months was unbelievable. I had so much mental clarity, because of which, I was doing all the things that I always wanted to do. I was showered with so many opportunities from so many places. It was simply magical. Of course I did not know it then, that my altered beliefs were attracting the good things into my life.

        As time passed, I was back to my old self again and was wondering how I could experience that bliss again. There was also this one issue, that was really bothering me and I could find no way out of it. I prayed to God to help me. Within 15 minutes my friend called, and informed me that we were going to have a basic workshop in Pune in April 2011. I couldn't believe it. SS was the answer to my prayer!

        SS has made possible, all the things that I always dreamt of doing. It has also made possible, things which I never thought I would do. At the same time SS has helped me to know what I should hold onto and what I should let go.

        Prior to SS I was aware of the Vedanta philosophy, but was unable to put all of it into practice. SS has helped me do that. With SS there is so much more acceptance of myself than before.

        Recently I faced a major health issue. I kept healing myself as I have learnt in SS, and throughout this trying period I was able to maintain my calm. I hope to soon recover from it completely.

       SS has become a part of my life or rather a way of life for me. I now look at life as an adventure and a mystery to be unraveled!
- Sheetal Patil, Pune

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