Thursday, 12 September 2013

Beyond the Dead End

When we see a dead end to the path we are on, we panic. The panic blocks our vision.

Movement never stops. There always is a way around. There is no closed path. We restrict our own vision. The current moment is never closed. If only we would recognise and come out of our shock and panic, we would be able to bring our focus to what the current moment shows us. Accepting the current reality is the only way to discover the opportunity it camouflages.

Projecting our visions too far ahead also makes us lose vision of this moment. Any future we see is only based on the limited knowledge and perceptions we have of this moment. It is only the current moment that we live, not the future.

This moment will always show us ways of moving ahead.

- Shivi Dua

Monday, 9 September 2013

My Contribution to the Society

As I grow, I contribute to everyone around me.

The best contribution that we can ever make to the universe is our own growth. As we grow, so does the Creator who evolves through us, and hence everyone around us who is also a part of the same Creator.

There are innumerable things and people around us that have contributed to our growth. It sometimes might take a bit of conscious pondering to realise it. When we see ourselves progressing in a certain direction, what are the steps we take to go further in that direction? What are the choices we make so that we can make the most out of the opportunities presented before us? What is the contribution we make to that opportunity/person who is offering us growth, so that their contribution in our growth naturally improves?
One option is to judge the opportunity to be not good enough or the one through whom we are receiving support, to be not doing enough. Blaming what others are not doing that they should for our growth, is covering up for our lack of belief in our capability.This could be a comfortable choice and we could rest assured, it will only bring our way stagnation if not our deterioration.

Another option could be to see what within us restricts us from getting out of the opportunity what it seems to promise? Working at that will certainly bring about our growth as we clear our own inner blocks. Besides, what our growth brings about as an outcome will pave the way for many around us, who, in turn, go on to make similar contributions through their own growth.
- Shivi Dua