Thursday, 21 February 2013

Power of Surrender

The word ‘Surrender’ or ‘Surrendering’ brings in our minds the thought of being weak or weakness. We believe only the weak surrender!

Serenity Surrender (SS) has changed the whole understanding of the word ‘Surrender’ for me. I have experienced how we can experience a complete change in the situation by merely surrendering it to the Creator whole heartedly. The most powerful way of living is acceptance and complete surrender to the creator.

Living and leading life with full awareness of every little detail of each moment is the power of SS.

As conditioned we all are in our lives, brooding over our past and fearing, lingering over the future. SS empowers us to that extent that we actually start living above all these. The change in the way I used to think and work has been remarkable. Negativities present in situations and people don’t cause me worry anymore as I have understood how it was all my creation. Now I have the power to handle it with very simple tools that SS provides me. It’s amazing to experience how the energies work irrespective of who, where, what, we are.
-Shalini Gupta

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Living Empowered

With Serenity Surrender (SS) by my side I feel empowered. Empowered to lead the same life with more awareness and acceptance of myself and my situations. Earlier I used to feel at the mercy of my destiny. Now the meaning of destiny has changed for me. I now understand and realise whatever happened in my life and whatever is still happening is all that I wished to experience.

It is so empowering and interesting to realise the power that we all are born with however are completely unaware of. SS has made me realise each moment how I create my own realities. Changing my realities and accepting the same are all in my hands.

All I can add here is I never depended so much on myself and my hidden powers before I made SS my way of life. Thank you so much SS for making me realise my own strengths.
-Moushami Roy Chowdhury

Monday, 18 February 2013

Experiencing the Pure Divine Love that We Are

Life is beautiful and so is each one of us. If all of us could absorb and imbibe this fact, this world and our lives would be full of love. Even if we believe that we are beautiful, the moment we face a problem we forget it. It seems natural for us to get so involved in our misery that we immediately disconnect with our inner divine beauty and the pure love that we are. But the power of spiritual healing comes in when even in critical situations we are able to keep our cool and go through them just as naturally as we would go through any normal situation.                 

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual Healing is when we are able to connect to ourselves at soul level so that we understand and know our deepest emotions, needs and desires. Once we understand ourselves at the deepest level, we can reach the root of the negative emotions in us that are attracting negative situations in our lives. Just reaching and knowing such roots is not enough. We have to accept them in order to be able to heal them and move on to happier and better lives, that we all so deserve.

All of us are made of pure divine love. But somewhere during our journeys we have forgotten this because of the various painful situations that we have been through. Do we want to continue living that pain through more and more such experiences or are we ready to move on to happiness? Those who are ready to move on and make their worlds happier will certainly attract understanding the immense power that they are carrying within to attract the happiness that they so deserve.

Life is really a beautiful journey. The love that we are carrying within us is immensely powerful. We just need to realize it, know it and accept it. It has the power to make our lives absolutely happy and serene. Once we know it and understand its healing power, we will simply dissolve all our worries, pains and sorrows in it. All this healing power is our own and lies within us.
- Vatsala

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Our Weakest Moments

Have you ever realised that we spend most of our lives either brooding over the past or fearing the future? We never even seem to be present to what the present moment is offering us. Regrets from the past and insecurities about the future occupy our thoughts too much to leave any room for recognising, acknowledging and accepting our present.

However, whenever we have looked back at our lives, even the toughest of times we have had, we are able to see how those times transformed us for the better. Everything that happened in our lives had a purpose. One thing led to the other, and has made us what we are today.

It does naturally imply then, that whatever is happening in this moment is in divine order, too. It certainly has a good purpose in our lives and will lead us to our growth. The purpose may or may not be evident now. However, more often than not, we feel miserable due to whatever we are experiencing. Is it a habit? It is probably due to the expectations we always carry about what should be happening with us. Comparison between our expectations and our reality always tends to demean the reality. That doesn’t change the reality though. Only when we have accepted the reality are we able to do anything to change it!

The weakest of our moments carry a seed of our transformation. They have the potential to uncover our strengths and bring out the best from within us!
- Shivi Dua

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Why Heal?

Healing is a natural process the soul goes through inevitably, in its eternal journey. It is going through its experiences and learning its lessons from there. So what really is the objective of healing?

A healer intensifies and expedites the natural process of soul healing. With awareness of learning the lessons hidden behind human experiences, we can actually make our journey more meaningful, effortless and enjoyable. That is not to say that healing is about stopping doing what we are meant to do as human beings, but about realising that all is being taken care of, only if we learn to observe and accept what we are experiencing in the current moment. Thus learning healing is about learning to live in awareness of our experiences.

Serenity Surrender is a beautiful way of imbibing deeper understanding of our being and of our experiences. Since we tend to live our lives too focussed on the outside world, and how we are perceived in the outside world, we start living in ignorance of the needs of our soul. The soul then creates situations in our relationships, in our financial matters or even in the physical body that need our immediate attention. We come to a point where it is difficult to move on by ignoring that situation. At such times, we come to realise the limitations of what the outside world has to offer in terms of alleviating our intense misery. Usually, that is the time when one would opt for healing, to turn inwards, and begin the journey of self-realization.

By attending one of Serenity Surrender Basic trainings, one can learn healing and become capable of addressing their own issues which have been appearing to be out of their control. By getting an insight on the higher perspective of the life situation, one can actually bring about changes to one’s energies, which have been creating those situations for that person. It is very empowering to know that the root of all your problems is within you. When you have learnt to identify these roots within yourself, you realise how easy it becomes to understand your life situations and patterns and even change them. It is to be experienced to be believed!

Self-confidence and more love and acceptance for self are some of the natural outcomes!
- Shivi Dua