Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dark or Divine

We know that everything that happens to us happens for a reason. Every person we meet, every situation we encounter, every word we speak or is spoken to us has something to teach us. Nothing is a coincidence. But inspite of having this knowledge, it is not the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we are in any kind of situation that confuses us. So, taking this point forward, I would like to apply it to our perception of the ‘dark’ in us. 

Whether it is in healings or during daily life, we often come across the ‘dark’ in us. And when we even just read or hear the phrase ‘the dark in us’, its catches our attention and sometimes even causes us discomfort. I feel this is because we misunderstood the dark in us. What exactly is the dark in us? It is any negativity that we carry or any aspect of ourselves that we don’t like or are uncomfortable with. It ranges from the smallest moment of anger, fear, hurt, etc. to the greatest (so called) wrong-doing. Hence broadly speaking, it is that part of us which we judged to be wrong, that part we got misaligned from. But the dark was never meant to harm us. It only came into being in the first place because it had something to teach us. It was never any external force or power that was out of our control and had set out to harm us. Of course, nothing but we can harm ourselves. And that is what we do by fearing the dark. It exists only to contribute to our evolution, to teach us things we have to learn so that we can come to the awareness of experiencing being Creator. The more we judge ourselves for carrying darkness, the more we prolong our journey to experience being the Creator. Instead, we can accept the dark as a part of our beings that is present only to help us be more and more aware of the moment, thus helping us get to our final destination. We can choose to see the divinity in the dark; and the divinity it is helping us realise, uncover and be. We can choose to see it as escorting us to Creator rather than keeping us from Him.

We cannot escape the dark in us, we can only accept it. The more we try to run away from aspects of ourselves that we don’t like, the more we actually enlarge them.  Besides, there is no reason to run away at all. Listen to what the dark in you is telling you, for it is nothing but the divinity in you speaking. Afterall, the two are not separate. It is our judgement that makes it seem the other way round.
“Toota Hua Saaz Hoon Main,
Khud Se Hi Naraaz Hoon Main,
Seene Mein Jo Kahin Pe Dabi Hai,
Aisi Koi Awaaz Hoon Main.
                               Sun Le Mujhe...”                                  
                             -Irshad Kamil
- Cynthia Roli Gupta

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