Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Let Go Fear

My life truly is the journey of my soul; its journey of self recognition. As I move forward in life, I naturally gain wisdom through my experiences. The wisdom is about me, my power. It is my knowledge of how to deal with my life, my situations.

The soul is eternal and the journey forever. The process of self recognition, therefore, goes on forever. So, I am and always will be presented with situations that will bring new wisdom my way. The situations will seem challenging as I have yet to imbibe new wisdom through them. However, since they are only a presentation of my energies, they will always be presenting before me the wisdom I have imbibed, too. If only I would remember this fact and allow myself awareness of my power through my situations, I would be guided to effortlessly sailing through the challenges.

My conscious mind was a clean slate when I was born in the current lifetime. It helps me recognize the being that I am through understanding the situation I am presented with in each moment. It helps me witness as my wisdom (presented through the support I have in the form of material possessions and the people I am associated with) surfaces in each situation to deal with it and bring me new wisdom. It helps me witness and recognize the new me in each new moment.

When a situation presents before me a challenge, I use my conscious mind to reject it. Refusing to accept it never changed it. It cannot, because it’s simply a presentation of what I inherently (at the soul level) am. Not accepting it and not recognizing my non-acceptance of the situation gives rise to ‘fear’ in me. When the conscious mind picks up the fear, I lose my alignment with the wisdom part of me. I assume consequences of the situation through my fear and do things to evade them but nothing seems to take me away from the fear. In fact, in this process, I actually start living the experience of the assumed consequence I am trying to evade.

All I need to do at such a time is to recognize that my fear is imaginary. The situation that exists is my reality but my perceptions about it are limited. This very situation will lead me to my liberation if I would accept that it is my truth of the current moment. If I would choose faith in my connection with the divine over my fear, I would instantly be aligned with the divine operating through me.

                      Acceptance  à  Surrender  à  Empowerment